MCT82M-IO-CH Access Terminal with Card Holder

    The MCT82M-IO-CH is an access terminal dedicated to RACS 5 access control and building automation system.
    The terminal is equipped with card holder, bicolour LED line and onboard I/Os including relay output. The MCT82M-IO-CH enables continuous monitoring of card in the holder and reporting the status to the access controller. Both, card inserting and removing can trigger individually programmed actions in the system if adequate authorizations are assigned to the card. Onboard inputs and outputs can be configured to any available functions in the system. The MCT82M-IO-CH is mainly used as intelligent electrical switch with card holder and it can be used to control power supply of a room, machine or device. RACS 5 Integration Server can be used for integration with third party systems (e.g. hotel systems) and for achieving some additional logic not available in RACS 5.
    MCT82M-IO-CH can operate with programmable MIFARE® cards to prevent use of unauthorized cards and copying of cards already enrolled in the system.

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