Peli 2740 Headlight Blue

The blue 2740 LED Headlight from Peli features a hands-free headband design that gives you use of both hands while providing a maximum of 35 lumens of illumination. The low 13 lumen output conserves battery power, providing up to 51 hours of use. Its light pivots up to 45° to put the light exactly where you need it. Click-stops, at regular intervals, ensure the head stays in place while you work. The durable polycarbonate housing is impact and temperature resistant and the rubber head plate makes wearing it comfortable.

Light Performance
  • 3 x White LED emitters
  • Low output: 13 lumens
  • High output: 35 lumens
  • Beam visible to 35 yd on High
  • Beam intensity: 259 cd on High
  • Type: Pushbutton
  • Location: top of body
  • First push activates High output
  • Switch sequence: High > Low > Off
Construction Details
  • IPX4 Water resistant
  • Head pivots up to 45°
  • Click-stops lock light in angled position
  • Rubber head plate
  • Blue polycarbonate housing
  • Temperature and Impact resistant
  • Swing-open, snap-shut access door to battery compartment
  • Adjustable 1″ wide elastic headband fits most heads
  • Weighs 3.3 oz with batteries
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