METAFORSA MF-10 Completely ready-to-install kit of the Smart Home system

It is a completely ready-to-install kit of the Smart Home system. The kit includes the main MF-10 unit, 3 motion sensors, 2 FW-WL leakage sensors, 4 FW-TS temperature sensors, 4 reed switches, and a 12V 1,25A PSU.

Metaforsa can be controlled via cloud with a securely encrypted signal. The system history from all other devices and sensors is stored on the device for one year. Its plug and play feature means that it automatically detects and configures new Larnitech devices that are added to the system. A large and constantly updated database of ready-made scripts ensures that your home is able to satisfy your most complex requests. This universal unit is able to control lights, various types of valves, blinds, gates, locks and fan coil units (see full list below). Get things going by telling your home what to do with the help of Siri, Alexa or Google Home. Get push notifications on your phone whenever the system has things to tell you and enjoy the ultimate control at your fingertips. The Metaforsa kit is ready to be installed and serve your needs as soon as you take it out of the box!

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